Controlla il tuo Inglese

For the questions below choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation.

Would you like tea or coffee?


I usually ________ at 8 o’clock.


When the cat ran out in front of her, Jane was lucky not to ___ control of her bike


When do you study?


Do you __________ some coffee?


We used to argue all the time but now we _________ really well.


What are the main differences _____ the Italians and the English?


We are ______ at 9 o’clock.


He’s ______ now than before.


This bag is too heavy. ____ you help me?


Oh I’m so sorry! If I __________ I would have come to see you in hospital.


You look ill. If I were you I ____ go to the doctor.


Oh no, where are my car keys? I ___ have left them at home!


If you live in a country you learn about the people’s _______ of life.


Being able to speak English is really ____ when you travel.


It’s a historical novel ____ in the 18th century.


The plane was _________ when the accident happened.


What’s the weather like?


I’m ____ something special for dinner tonight.


If you are not _____ to study then don’t start learning a foreign language!


My sister’s coming to stay with me tomorrow.


I’ve just ______ yoga.


According to the _______ in the guide, this building was built in 1463.


I don’t get angry _________


I _____ this sweater for 2 years.


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